State Regulations

We are compliant with all US laws and regulations and as such we must follow the PACT ACT when shipping any products. This means ALL recipients receiving a package must be 21+ and a signature is required (The signee does not have to be the recipient of the package, but only an adult who lives or works at the shipping address).

The following is a list of States and Local regions in the United States who have regulated a product category:

All Vape sales have been banned to the following locations:

  • States - Arkansas, Georgia, Maine, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont¬†
  • Cities - San Francisco, Anchorage

Universal Flavor Bans - Only Clear & Tobacco vapes/wraps allowed in following locations:

  • States - New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode island
  • Cities - Chicago IL, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Sacramento CA, Oakland CA, San Jose CA, Boulder CO, and Washington D.C.

Delta 8 Ban - Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, and Vermont.

Kratom Ban - Alabama, Arkansa, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin

Coupon Ban/ NO Discounts  - Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey

Note: For the State of Maryland, we are unable to ship any Disposable Vapes to customers located within the state due to local regulation that was put in place. For the State of New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, the use of coupons will not apply due to State restrictions.

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